Monday, 16 May 2011

Warning from the police regarding CASH MACHINE crimes (UK)

16-May-2011, Police officers in the UK demonstrate how criminals commit cash machine crimes and how the public’s can avoid such kind of crimes and frauds

Briefly, the advises are:

Ø  First you should concern about choosing the right cash machine that you will use

Ø  Second, keep in mind these recommendations:

1.      Do not get distracted

2.      Do not use any cash machine in front of a suspicious person to you

3.      Always use your free hand to cover the other hand you use to type the password

Ø  Third, recommendations before leaving:

1.      Secure your money and receipt before leaving (at the end of the transaction)

2.      Report any incident immediately to your bank

Ø  Finally, you should monitor your account by adopting the protection services that your bank provided, such as “ Protect My ID”

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